June 14, 2024


Dear fashionistas of the green era. You are about to immerse yourself in a world where elegance merges with environmental consciousness! I invite you to delve into a realm where sustainability reigns supreme and fashion is adorned with respect for our planet.

Imagine a universe where glamour intertwines with ethics. Where style is not only measured by its beauty but by the positive impact it leaves on the world. In this cosmos, names like Stella McCartney, Eileen Fisher, Gabriela Hearst, Reformation, and Veja reign supreme, weaving a tapestry of innovation, elegance, and environmental responsibility.

Stella McCartney

She is a reference in sustainable fashion. McCartney is committed to using organic and recycled materials in her collections, as well as transparency throughout her supply chain. Her designs are known for their timeless elegance and commitment to animal ethics, as she does not use fur or leather.

Eileen Fisher

This brand stands out for its focus on high-quality garments and minimalist design. It uses sustainable materials such as organic cotton, linen, and Tencel in its collections. Additionally, Eileen Fisher has clothing recycling programs to reduce the environmental impact of fashion.

Gabriela Hearst

Known for her focus on luxury craftsmanship and sustainability. Gabriela Hearst uses recycled and ethically sourced materials in her designs. The brand is committed to transparency and traceability of its materials, as well as responsible production practices.


This Californian brand has gained a large following for its chic style and commitment to sustainability. Reformation uses materials such as organic cotton and lyocell in its garments and strives to minimize its environmental footprint throughout its supply chain.


It is known for its minimalist-style sneakers and commitment to sustainability. Veja uses materials such as natural rubber and organic cotton in the production of its shoes. And works directly with producer cooperatives in Brazil to ensure fair working conditions.

These brands are not only leading the way in luxury sustainable fashion. But they are also influencing other brands and the industry as a whole towards more responsible and transparent practices. Conscious consumers are responding positively to these initiatives, increasingly seeking options that reflect their values of sustainability and ethics in fashion.


Your opinion is valuable, dear curious lover of fashion and luxury.

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