January 19, 2024


Welcome, darlings, to the extravagant realm of iconic Vivienne Westwood’s rebellion, where fashion becomes a proclamation of bold individuality. These two outfit options are a canvas of rebellion and elegance, where Westwood’s designs embody unrestricted style. Dare to wear it, dear, and let your attire be the manifesto of your rebellious soul.

Captivating challenge: Vivienne Westwood’s rebel charm

Starting with the exquisite Sunday Corset top, an Italian masterpiece that embraces the figure with a sweetheart neckline and defies conventions with a mischievous charm at the back. The drapes tell tales of elegance, and the laced closure adds the perfect touch of daring.

The Panther skirt, an ode to tuxedo tailoring with the ‘Panther’ system, unfolds elegance that challenges expectations with grace. Continuing with the Midas boots, crafted in Italian leather and carrying the ‘Meaningless’ artwork from our archives. This fashion stroll, with its vintage touch and unrestricted art, is a declaration of individuality.

To crown this festivity of rebellion, the Candy earrings, three interlinked orbits in playful sizes, add a distinctive touch that doesn’t go unnoticed. These ensembles are more than fashion; they are a visual symphony, an ode to extravagance and elegance that carries the unmistakable signature of Vivienne Westwood.

Sunday corset top
Panther skirt Vivienne Westwood
Panther skirt

Candy earrings Vivienne Westwood
Candy earrings
Iconic Vivienne Westwood's Bold Outfits
Midas boot

Rebellion and elegance

Dear ones, gaze with admiration upon this masterful ensemble, where rebellion and elegance dance in perfect harmony. The Cobrax corset, inspired by the 18th century, is pure structural drama, an ode to Vivienne Westwood’s vision and her fascination with history, while the wide-leg trousers from the Andreas Kronthaler collection exude elegance with topstitched creases. We raise the stakes with the 150mm crocodile platform sandals, made in Italy, literally elevating you to new heights.

The silver Natalina jewelry, with elements inspired by the sea, brings this ensemble to life. A Saturn ring, enriched with crystals, captures the essence of carrying tradition into the future, a concept beloved by the master Westwood. The Belle Heart Frame purse, with its heart-shaped form and orbit logo, culminates this symphony of audacity and distinction.

Bang Vivienne Westwood
Heart frame purse

Iconic Vivienne Westwood's Bold Outfits
Platform sandals
Iconic Vivienne Westwood's Bold Outfits
Cobrax corset

Iconic Vivienne Westwood's Bold Outfits
Wide leg trousers
Iconic Vivienne Westwood's Bold Outfits
Raimunda choker

Natalia earrings Vivienne Westwood
Natalina earrings

A masterpiece from iconic Vivienne Westwood that defies conventions with style!


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