In the vast realm of fashion, where fleeting trends vanish as quickly as they appear, emerges a figure who defies the very notion of convention. Iris Apfel, a beacon of bold style and unparalleled uniqueness, has captured the imagination of the fashion elite with her commanding presence and audacious sense of fashion. In a world where homogeneity is the cardinal sin. Apfel rises as a queen among commoners, challenging conventions with her daring and dazzling spectators with her unmatched exuberance.

The enigmatic fashion expert

Born on August 29, 1921, in Queens, New York. Iris Apfel became a fashion icon whose influence spanned decades and continents. From her early days graduating from New York University with a degree in Art. To her career beginnings in the fashion industry as a design assistant at Women’s Wear Daily. And the founding of Old World Weavers with her husband Carl Apfel. Iris stood out for her distinctive personal style and commitment to authenticity. Her collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on the exhibition “Rare Bird: The Iris Apfel Fashion Collection”. Was a milestone in her career, highlighting her lasting impact on the industry and her advocacy for individuality.

Iris Apfel

The daring virtuoso of fashion

On the canvas of fashion, Iris Apfel paints with bold and vibrant strokes. Her outfits are masterful compositions, blending textures, colors, and accessories with a skill that defies established norms. Her ability to effortlessly combine eclectic pieces from different eras and styles elevates her to the status of a true fashion artist. Apfel transforms each ensemble into a visual symphony, a declaration of individuality and self-expression.

Iris Apfel

Unshackled by Conformity

Beyond her impressive sense of style, Iris Apfel embodies a philosophy of life that transcends the limitations of fashion itself. Her carefree attitude and innate self-confidence serve as inspiration for those seeking to break free from the chains of conformity. In a world obsessed with youth and perfection, Apfel radiates a charm that emanates from her authenticity and unwavering self-love.

Iris Apfel collection with Macy's

Like a phoenix in the fashion world, Iris Apfel challenges conventions with every step she takes. Her commanding presence and unmistakable style make her a muse for those who dare to dream in vivid colors and defy established norms. In a universe of conformity and monotony. Apfel shines as a beacon of creativity and originality, reminding us all that true elegance resides in self-confidence and the courage to be different.


Dear lovers of good taste and extravagance,

Today, allow me to pay tribute to one of the incomparable geniuses of fashion: Alexander McQueen. Oh, what a pleasure it is to dive into the creative mind of this master of extravagance! May my pen (or rather, my keyboard) become a paintbrush that pays homage to the audacity, originality and indomitable spirit of this fashion icon.

Imagine, if you will, a catwalk transformed into a theatrical stage where fashion merges with art and emotion. That’s what Alexander McQueen offered us in each of his collections, challenging conventions and pushing fashion to new horizons. His designs were like an explosion of creativity, a manifestation of wild beauty and dark elegance.

From his beginnings on the streets of London to reaching the pinnacle of the fashion industry, McQueen defied expectations with his boundless audacity. His creations were provocative, rebellious and often disturbingly beautiful. Who else could turn bones into corsets or transform darkness into a dazzling expression of glamour?

Shalom Harlow the runway during the Alexander McQueen Ready to Spring/Summer 1999 London.

Master of Tailoring and Living Sculptures

Let’s talk about his technical mastery. McQueen was a virtuoso of tailoring, capable of creating impeccable silhouettes that defied gravity and challenged conventional notions of beauty. His garments were living sculptures, masterpieces in motion that challenged those who wore them to unleash their own strength and personality.

Alexander McQueen –  Fashion Galore! exhibition at Somerset House on November 19, 2013 in London, England. 

Highland Rape

But beyond his designs, McQueen was a masterful storyteller. Each collection told a story, explored deep themes and struck a chord – remember his “Highland Rape” show, presented in October 1995? It was a bold and controversial statement that incorporated dark elements of Scottish history onto the runway, masterfully weaving tragedy and beauty into each garment.

Alexander McQueen on show for the London Fashion Week 1995.
 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
Show for the London Fashion Week 1995. – “Highland Rape”
 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
“Highland Rape” Alexander McQueen.

Widows of Culloden

And who can forget the historic “Widows of Culloden” runway show, presented in March 2005? In this collection, McQueen paid tribute to his dear friend and mentor, the late Isabella Blow, with a fashion show that encapsulated the pain, elegance and mystery of loss. It was a moving tribute that left the audience in reverent silence.

 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
Kate Moss Hologram at Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2006 at the Salle Marcel Cerdan – By Andy Paradise

 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
Autumn/Winter 2006 By Andy Paradise
Paris Fashion Week – By Michel Dufour
 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
Paris Fashion Week – By Stephane Cardinale

Plato’s Atlantis

But perhaps one of his most legendary moments was the “Plato’s Atlantis” runway show, presented in September 2009. On this occasion, McQueen took us on a journey to the depths of the ocean with a visionary collection that fused fashion, technology and mythology in a symphony of color and texture. It was a show that challenged the imagination and defined the concept of futuristic fashion.

Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 – By Victor Boyko
 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
Spring/Summer 2010 – By Victor Boyko
 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 – By Victor Boyko

The Horn of Plenty

Of course, we can’t forget his latest masterpiece, presented in March 2010. In this show, entitled “The Horn of Plenty”, McQueen offered us an impressive retrospective of his career, reinterpreting some of his most iconic designs with a surreal and provocative twist. It was a fitting end to a visionary whose creativity knew no bounds.

Alexander McQueen Ready-to-Wear A/W 2009  – By Dominique Charriau

 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
The Horn of Plenty
 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
The Horn of Plenty A/W 2009
 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
Photography By – Pascal Le Segretain

So, I raise my glass in honor of Alexander McQueen, whose legacy continues to inspire and amaze the fashion industry to this day. May his rebellious spirit continue to inspire future generations of designers to challenge the norms, embrace the dark and find beauty in the unexpected.

With a touch of mischief and a dash of sophistication,



Vivienne Westwood, born on April 8, 1941, is a rebellious gem in the fashion firmament. Her bold approach has redefined elegance by merging punk with haute couture, leaving an indomitable legacy in her wake. Her fascination with history and culture manifests in collections that take us on a journey through time, intertwining past eras with a avant-garde touch. But, my dears, her rebellion extends beyond design! Westwood uses fashion as a roar against deforestation and climate change, leading campaigns like “Cool Earth.” In 1992, she was crowned Dame of the British Empire, a title that only emphasizes her eternal reign in the fashion industry. Who said fashion couldn’t be fierce and conscious at the same time?

Vivienne Westwood: Rebellion and Elegance in Fashion
Vivenne Westwood, Photo by Ian Gavan.

Pioneer of Punk

Westwood, the fearless dame of design, stands as one of the creators of the punk movement that shook the foundations of fashion in the 1970s. Her collaboration with Malcolm McLaren at the “SEX” boutique on King’s Road, London, became the epicenter of rebellion, where punk fashion was born with a bold spark.

British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood with her partner, music manager Malcolm McLaren, at her shop on the King’s Road, London, circa 1985. by David Montgomery

The “Sex and the City” Dress

In the glamorous cinematic stage, my dear Vivienne Westwood unleashed her spell on a legendary dress. Known as the “Vivienne Westwood Wedding Gown” or simply the “Vivienne Westwood Dress,” this attire stole the scene and hearts alike in the 2008 “Sex and the City” movie, marking a pinnacle in cinematic fashion.

Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of “Sex and the City: The Movie. by James Devaney.

Corsets and Exaggerated Silhouettes

My dears, in Westwood’s domains, corsets are not just structures; they are works of art sculpting silhouettes dramatically and uniquely. Each design is an ode to extravagance, enhancing the female figure with a theatrical touch.

 Model Carla Bruni walks the runway during the Vivienne Westwood Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 1997.

Design for Sex Pistols

Under Westwood’s rebellious gaze, the punk aesthetic of the Sex Pistols came to life. As the designer of the musical revolution, she set a milestone by merging music with the most provocative fashion. A symphony of rebellion that resonated in every stitch.

Sex Pistols” manager Malcolm McLaren and friend designer Viviane Westwood. by Daily Mirror / Bill Kennedy/Mirrorpix/Mirrorpix

The Harris Tweed Collection

In 1987, Westwood challenged expectations and elevated the modest Harris Tweed fabric to the heights of haute couture. She transformed Scottish tradition into luxury pieces, leaving her distinctive mark on the history of fashion.

Vivienne Westwood: Rebellion and Elegance in Fashion
G0CX25 Vivienne Westwood fashion show at SECC Glasgow in 1999. Image shot 1999.

Breaking Gender Barriers

Her designs challenge established norms, blurring the lines between masculine and feminine. Westwood, a pioneer in abolishing gender restrictions, has created pieces that transcend boundaries, equally adored by men and women alike. A bold celebration of fashion without constraints!

Vivienne Westwood: Rebellion and Elegance in Fashion
Andreas Kronthaler, Dame Vivienne Westwood and Naomi Campbell for Relief charity fashion show to kick off London, Fall/Winter 2015/16 . By Samir Hussein

Throughout her career, Vivienne Westwood has maintained her position as one of the most innovative and provocative designers. Her legacy goes beyond her creations; it is a provocative force that has left an indelible mark on the history of dressing. Westwood’s influence persists, like a touch of my exclusive perfume, inspiring contemporary designers and weaving its charm into the global fashion scene. A testimony that, in fashion, only the bold thrive.


Boldness, confidence, creativity and power that is Donatella Versace. The perfect muse for Gianni Versace, she has become one of the world’s most influential women in the fashion industry. Thanks to her talent and courage, she has managed to maintain the magnificent success of the luxurious Italian brand created by her older brother, the legendary Gianni Versace.

A Fashion Icon with Golden Vision

Donatella is the youngest of four siblings, she was born on May 2, 1955 in Calabria, Italy. She studied Languages at the University of Florence. An unmistakable woman in the crowd who has set trends, becoming a fashion icon. Characterized by her golden hair and tight-fitting outfits that cover her silhouette, showing elegance and feminine sensuality. But above all a woman with great talent. That is Donatella Versace who, once she finished university, joined her older brother, achieving great responsibility and prominence in the Atelier. Taking charge of the second luxury line of the fashion firm “Versus”.

A Legacy of Strength, Style, and Resilience

What many do not know is that 2 years before the death of her brother, the acclaimed designer. Donatella began to take over the entire brand, since Gianni was diagnosed with cancer. A hard blow for the Versace family. But this was only the beginning of a terrible tragedy, that extinguished the great glow of a man whose passion he turned into art for the world. Creating designs that perfectly adorned the silhouette, exalting feminine beauty.

But without a doubt, Donatella managed to put the brand that her brother created with passion, determination and, above all, great talent, on top. Embodying her style and essence in each of her creations. Showing the world that behind a tragedy is a woman full of courage, intelligence and creativity. This marked a before and after for the world of fashion. And was the resurgence of new trends set by the great Donatella Versace.

Inspiring Fashion Moments That Define an Era

Some of her most iconic moments were a space of inspiration for many fashion lovers in the world; such as the 90s. When she wore a spectacular and provocative black dress. Whose inspiration was based on bondage. And on her as the perfect muse accompanied of the legendary Gianni at the 1993 Met Gala.

One of her most iconic Donatella creations was the dress worn by Jlo at the 2000 Grammys. Causing great impact and curiosity among those who were fascinated by such a masterpiece. Prompting Google to create the “image search”.

“A dress for a woman is a weapon. I see fashion as that. A thing that helps you get what you want in life.”



Powerful and intimidating queen bee, Anna Wintour is the most influential woman in the contemporary fashion industry. A woman born to revolutionize and reinvent the world of modern fashion. She was born on November 3, 1949, in London-England. She is an icon par excellence that reflects power, authority, security, authenticity, and a lot of creativity. Hated and loved by many. She is a woman who forged her path with determination and discipline, achieving her greatest goal. Becoming the Editor-in-Chief for VOGUE Magazine.

Forging a Path

Like every success story, Anna had to go through a beginning throughout her life, encountering successes and failures, facing various obstacles from being fired to being hated by her detractors. But that helped her to forge her path and not give up under any circumstances. And stand firm to her ideals.

Anna Wintour from a very young age showed her revolutionary. Side by choosing to leave school at the age of 16. And not enter college to pursue journalism and fashion. Which led her to gain experience in the working world, but not everything was positive for Anna. Anna was turned down for the editor-in-chief position at Harpers and Queen. But that didn’t stop her or distract her from her goal, redirecting her to New York in 1975. Landing her first job in America for Harper’s Bazaar. But fortunately, she was fired for being too European. A big plus that drove her to keep polishing herself like a precious diamond and being tough as tungsten.

Later Anna was hired by Penthouse magazine to become the fashion editor of “Viva”, an erotic magazine for women. But as everything in this life is transitory, she got her first and most important job at New York Magazine.

Shaping Fashion and Editorial Industry

This was the beginning of the “Nuclear Wintour” era, a nickname she earned for her risky but wise decisions. In 1988 she held the position of Editor-in-Chief of Vogue. Leaving behind the traditional image that Vogue reflected with its predecessor Grace Mirabella. Replacing it with the new and modern vision of Anna Wintour, on her first cover she risked reinventing the content. And paired a $10,000 LACROIX beaded sweater with $40.00 GUESS jeans. But the most important work. With a controversial and iconic past today, was when he shot his first September issue starring Naomi Campbell on the cover. Leaving many shocked to put an African-American woman on the cover of the most important edition of the year “SEPTEMBER”. Considering it very risky.

This marked a before and after in the world of fashion and for Vogue. Her fame as an iron woman became more noticeable. When a book written by one of her assistants Lauren Weisberger “The Devil Wears Prada” was published. A novel with a story inspired by her experience working with Anna. Managed to be adapted in theaters starring by Meryl. Streep having a resounding success. In 2009 a documentary was released that would confirm Wintour’s haughtiness and exigency called “The September Issue”. 2013 she was named Artistic Editor of Conde Nast. August 2019, she managed to position herself as a global content advisor for Conde Nast.

A Trailblazer in Fashion and Publishing

Thanks to her discipline and daring creativity, Vogue went from being just a magazine. To becoming a brand and a fashion bible. “Anna knew how to balance our desire to escape beauty and real fashion with our need, to have things relevant to us like women” – Vera Wang.

Anna Wintour, despite being born into a family with privileges. Knew how to take advantage and create her path, achieving success and great global. Relevance with determination and passion, managing to implant in women that aspiration to inspire and dare to break the molds of society with highly structured stereotypes that are even present today.

“The most important thing in this job is having the right instincts and the bold reaction to produce a moment-oriented magazine that captures what’s happening now; that’s what it means to work at Vogue.” – Anna Wintour.


Through the decades, the world of fashion has been shaped by a myriad of icons whose style and vision have left a lasting mark on the fashion scene. From the graceful simplicity of Audrey Hepburn to the creative audacity of David Bowie, these iconic individuals have transcended time and remain an endless source of inspiration for contemporary fashion. Join us on a journey through some of the many fashion icons throughout history that continue to influence the way we dress.

Coco Chanel: The Revolution of Elegant Minimalism

Coco Chanel, a pioneer of French fashion, redefined elegance and style with her minimalist approach. Her famous jacket and skirt suit, along with her iconic black dress, revolutionized women’s fashion by focusing on comfort and simplicity, without sacrificing sophistication.
Chanel also introduced the “little black dress,” a piece that has become a staple in any stylish woman’s wardrobe.

Audrey Hepburn: Timeless Elegance and Sophistication

Audrey Hepburn epitomized elegance and sophistication with her chic and refined style. Her iconic appearance in movies like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Roman Holiday” defined 1950s glamour. The high-necked black dress with oversized sunglasses has become a symbol of timeless style.

James Dean: Rebel with a Touch of Style

James Dean, an icon of the 1950s, defined rebelliousness and charisma. In his classic outfit of skinny jeans and leather jacket, Dean created an image that transcended time. His casual yet striking style continues to inspire those looking to capture the essence of rebellion and timeless elegance.

David Bowie: The Vanguard of Men’s Fashion

Known for his groundbreaking music and avant-garde style, David Bowie pushed the limits of menswear. His alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, featured an androgynous, futuristic aesthetic that influenced gender-fluid fashion and bold use of makeup. Bowie proved that fashion is an unrestricted form of artistic expression.

Princess Diana: Royal Charm and Stylistic Empathy

Princess Diana captivated the world with her grace and accessible style. Her choice of stylish and affordable garments made her a fashion icon for women of all ages. From her iconic “revenge dress” to her ball gowns, Diana managed to blend fashion with a genuine sense of empathy.

Karl Lagerfeld: The Creative Master behind Chanel

Although not a fashion figure in the traditional sense, Karl Lagerfeld left an indelible mark as a creative designer for Chanel. His innovative approach and his ability to blend tradition with modernity reinvigorated the fashion house. Lagerfeld embodied a passion for fashion and creativity in his distinctive personal style.

Madonna: Innovation in Pop Fashion

Madonna revolutionized pop fashion with her bold attitude and avant-garde style. From her iconic look in “Like a Virgin” to her period look in her “Material Girl,” Madonna challenged the norm and explored new forms of expression through fashion. Her ability to mix and match styles, eras, and accessories inspires those looking to take fashion to a whole new level.

Prince: Elegance and Boldness in Men’s Fashion

Prince, with his daring style and unconventional approach to menswear, became a beacon of creativity in the world of music and fashion. His bold suits, bold colors and whimsical touches broke barriers and challenged gender norms in fashion. Prince proved that fashion is a personal expression that should not be limited by convention.

Rihanna: Experimentation and Versatility

Rihanna has constantly evolved her style throughout her career, becoming one of the modern fashion icons. Whether rocking elegant gowns on the red carpet or embracing an avant-garde aesthetic, her ability to constantly experiment and redefine her image has inspired a new generation of fashionistas to explore her own creativity.

These are just a few examples of the many fashion icons who have left an indelible mark on history and continue to influence how we dress and express ourselves. Each one of them brought something unique to the fashion narrative, reminding us that fashion is a form of artistic expression that can be bold, moving and transformative. From elegant simplicity to bold extravagance, fashion icons continue to guide us on a journey of self-expression through wardrobe.