August 3, 2023


Powerful and intimidating queen bee, Anna Wintour is the most influential woman in the contemporary fashion industry. A woman born to revolutionize and reinvent the world of modern fashion. She was born on November 3, 1949, in London-England. She is an icon par excellence that reflects power, authority, security, authenticity, and a lot of creativity. Hated and loved by many. She is a woman who forged her path with determination and discipline, achieving her greatest goal. Becoming the Editor-in-Chief for VOGUE Magazine.

Forging a Path

Like every success story, Anna had to go through a beginning throughout her life, encountering successes and failures, facing various obstacles from being fired to being hated by her detractors. But that helped her to forge her path and not give up under any circumstances. And stand firm to her ideals.

Anna Wintour from a very young age showed her revolutionary. Side by choosing to leave school at the age of 16. And not enter college to pursue journalism and fashion. Which led her to gain experience in the working world, but not everything was positive for Anna. Anna was turned down for the editor-in-chief position at Harpers and Queen. But that didn’t stop her or distract her from her goal, redirecting her to New York in 1975. Landing her first job in America for Harper’s Bazaar. But fortunately, she was fired for being too European. A big plus that drove her to keep polishing herself like a precious diamond and being tough as tungsten.

Later Anna was hired by Penthouse magazine to become the fashion editor of “Viva”, an erotic magazine for women. But as everything in this life is transitory, she got her first and most important job at New York Magazine.

Shaping Fashion and Editorial Industry

This was the beginning of the “Nuclear Wintour” era, a nickname she earned for her risky but wise decisions. In 1988 she held the position of Editor-in-Chief of Vogue. Leaving behind the traditional image that Vogue reflected with its predecessor Grace Mirabella. Replacing it with the new and modern vision of Anna Wintour, on her first cover she risked reinventing the content. And paired a $10,000 LACROIX beaded sweater with $40.00 GUESS jeans. But the most important work. With a controversial and iconic past today, was when he shot his first September issue starring Naomi Campbell on the cover. Leaving many shocked to put an African-American woman on the cover of the most important edition of the year “SEPTEMBER”. Considering it very risky.

This marked a before and after in the world of fashion and for Vogue. Her fame as an iron woman became more noticeable. When a book written by one of her assistants Lauren Weisberger “The Devil Wears Prada” was published. A novel with a story inspired by her experience working with Anna. Managed to be adapted in theaters starring by Meryl. Streep having a resounding success. In 2009 a documentary was released that would confirm Wintour’s haughtiness and exigency called “The September Issue”. 2013 she was named Artistic Editor of Conde Nast. August 2019, she managed to position herself as a global content advisor for Conde Nast.

A Trailblazer in Fashion and Publishing

Thanks to her discipline and daring creativity, Vogue went from being just a magazine. To becoming a brand and a fashion bible. “Anna knew how to balance our desire to escape beauty and real fashion with our need, to have things relevant to us like women” – Vera Wang.

Anna Wintour, despite being born into a family with privileges. Knew how to take advantage and create her path, achieving success and great global. Relevance with determination and passion, managing to implant in women that aspiration to inspire and dare to break the molds of society with highly structured stereotypes that are even present today.

“The most important thing in this job is having the right instincts and the bold reaction to produce a moment-oriented magazine that captures what’s happening now; that’s what it means to work at Vogue.” – Anna Wintour.