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February 9, 2024


Dear lovers of good taste and extravagance,

Today, allow me to pay tribute to one of the incomparable geniuses of fashion: Alexander McQueen. Oh, what a pleasure it is to dive into the creative mind of this master of extravagance! May my pen (or rather, my keyboard) become a paintbrush that pays homage to the audacity, originality and indomitable spirit of this fashion icon.

Imagine, if you will, a catwalk transformed into a theatrical stage where fashion merges with art and emotion. That’s what Alexander McQueen offered us in each of his collections, challenging conventions and pushing fashion to new horizons. His designs were like an explosion of creativity, a manifestation of wild beauty and dark elegance.

From his beginnings on the streets of London to reaching the pinnacle of the fashion industry, McQueen defied expectations with his boundless audacity. His creations were provocative, rebellious and often disturbingly beautiful. Who else could turn bones into corsets or transform darkness into a dazzling expression of glamour?

Shalom Harlow the runway during the Alexander McQueen Ready to Spring/Summer 1999 London.

Master of Tailoring and Living Sculptures

Let’s talk about his technical mastery. McQueen was a virtuoso of tailoring, capable of creating impeccable silhouettes that defied gravity and challenged conventional notions of beauty. His garments were living sculptures, masterpieces in motion that challenged those who wore them to unleash their own strength and personality.

Alexander McQueen –  Fashion Galore! exhibition at Somerset House on November 19, 2013 in London, England. 

Highland Rape

But beyond his designs, McQueen was a masterful storyteller. Each collection told a story, explored deep themes and struck a chord – remember his “Highland Rape” show, presented in October 1995? It was a bold and controversial statement that incorporated dark elements of Scottish history onto the runway, masterfully weaving tragedy and beauty into each garment.

Alexander McQueen on show for the London Fashion Week 1995.
 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
Show for the London Fashion Week 1995. – “Highland Rape”
 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
“Highland Rape” Alexander McQueen.

Widows of Culloden

And who can forget the historic “Widows of Culloden” runway show, presented in March 2005? In this collection, McQueen paid tribute to his dear friend and mentor, the late Isabella Blow, with a fashion show that encapsulated the pain, elegance and mystery of loss. It was a moving tribute that left the audience in reverent silence.

 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
Kate Moss Hologram at Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2006 at the Salle Marcel Cerdan – By Andy Paradise

 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
Autumn/Winter 2006 By Andy Paradise
Paris Fashion Week – By Michel Dufour
 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
Paris Fashion Week – By Stephane Cardinale

Plato’s Atlantis

But perhaps one of his most legendary moments was the “Plato’s Atlantis” runway show, presented in September 2009. On this occasion, McQueen took us on a journey to the depths of the ocean with a visionary collection that fused fashion, technology and mythology in a symphony of color and texture. It was a show that challenged the imagination and defined the concept of futuristic fashion.

Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 – By Victor Boyko
 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
Spring/Summer 2010 – By Victor Boyko
 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 – By Victor Boyko

The Horn of Plenty

Of course, we can’t forget his latest masterpiece, presented in March 2010. In this show, entitled “The Horn of Plenty”, McQueen offered us an impressive retrospective of his career, reinterpreting some of his most iconic designs with a surreal and provocative twist. It was a fitting end to a visionary whose creativity knew no bounds.

Alexander McQueen Ready-to-Wear A/W 2009  – By Dominique Charriau

 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
The Horn of Plenty
 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
The Horn of Plenty A/W 2009
 Alexander Mcqueen: Bold fashion statements
Photography By – Pascal Le Segretain

So, I raise my glass in honor of Alexander McQueen, whose legacy continues to inspire and amaze the fashion industry to this day. May his rebellious spirit continue to inspire future generations of designers to challenge the norms, embrace the dark and find beauty in the unexpected.

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