Dear fashionistas of the green era. You are about to immerse yourself in a world where elegance merges with environmental consciousness! I invite you to delve into a realm where sustainability reigns supreme and fashion is adorned with respect for our planet.

Imagine a universe where glamour intertwines with ethics. Where style is not only measured by its beauty but by the positive impact it leaves on the world. In this cosmos, names like Stella McCartney, Eileen Fisher, Gabriela Hearst, Reformation, and Veja reign supreme, weaving a tapestry of innovation, elegance, and environmental responsibility.

Stella McCartney

She is a reference in sustainable fashion. McCartney is committed to using organic and recycled materials in her collections, as well as transparency throughout her supply chain. Her designs are known for their timeless elegance and commitment to animal ethics, as she does not use fur or leather.

Eileen Fisher

This brand stands out for its focus on high-quality garments and minimalist design. It uses sustainable materials such as organic cotton, linen, and Tencel in its collections. Additionally, Eileen Fisher has clothing recycling programs to reduce the environmental impact of fashion.

Gabriela Hearst

Known for her focus on luxury craftsmanship and sustainability. Gabriela Hearst uses recycled and ethically sourced materials in her designs. The brand is committed to transparency and traceability of its materials, as well as responsible production practices.


This Californian brand has gained a large following for its chic style and commitment to sustainability. Reformation uses materials such as organic cotton and lyocell in its garments and strives to minimize its environmental footprint throughout its supply chain.


It is known for its minimalist-style sneakers and commitment to sustainability. Veja uses materials such as natural rubber and organic cotton in the production of its shoes. And works directly with producer cooperatives in Brazil to ensure fair working conditions.

These brands are not only leading the way in luxury sustainable fashion. But they are also influencing other brands and the industry as a whole towards more responsible and transparent practices. Conscious consumers are responding positively to these initiatives, increasingly seeking options that reflect their values of sustainability and ethics in fashion.


Ah, my beloved fashion followers, today I bring you a selection of outfits that capture the very essence of elegance and drama. Prepare to delight in a display of style that only someone with my impeccable taste could gather. Let’s dive into these sartorial delights, shall we?

A Symphony of Luxury

Imagine an embroidered velvet halterneck dress, a piece that exudes opulence and luxury with every stitch. This dress is a work of art in itself, but what would an outfit be without the right accessories? Pair it with SCARLET SLINGBACK PATENT LEATHER shoes, adding a touch of vibrant color and sophistication. The combination of velvet and patent leather creates a symphony of textures that will leave no one indifferent. Perfect for an opera night or a high-profile gala.

Italian Seduction

Let’s move on to something a bit bolder, shall we? A body in black sheer jersey, draped with long sleeves and a shawl edged with marabou. This piece, crafted in Italy by THE ANDAMANE, epitomizes elegant seduction. Pair it with Peggy flared pants and Christian Louboutin Hot Chick heels. This outfit is ideal for a night of cocktails at an exclusive club.

Modernity Meets Audacity

Finally, for those who seek a blend of modernity and audacity, I present the high-rise mini skirt with topstitched darting at the waist and an asymmetric slit on the left side. This piece, crafted in compact organic cotton stretch twill and fully lined, is simply divine. We pair it with a heavy-weight structured denim jacket, garment-dyed and designed to be fitted through the body while relaxed in the sleeves. With a point collar, angled paneling, and chest flap pockets, this jacket is a masterpiece of utilitarian fashion. Complete the ensemble with the EVA THIGH-HIGH BOOT 100 mm in black stretch suede. These over-the-knee stretch suede boots add a touch of sophistication and boldness that is simply unmatched. This look is perfect for a day of shopping in the city or a fashionable brunch with friends.

My beauties, fashion is an art, and each of these outfits is a masterpiece. I hope these options inspire you to embrace your own sense of style and never fear being bold. Remember, life is too short to dress ordinary. Until next time, my fabulous fashion followers!


My dear mortals and fashion enthusiasts,

From my sublime throne of sophistication, I wish to discuss a topic about a modern muse who has managed to blend the past and the future. Giving rise to an aesthetic that, much like myself, is simply irresistible: The overwhelming impact of the magnificent Alexa Demie. With her innate magnetism and dazzling style, Alexa has left an indelible mark on the landscape of pop culture, redefining norms and pushing boundaries with every step she takes.

The Queen of Aesthetics: Alexa Demie

In the realm of fashion and beauty, few can match the magnetism and grace of Alexa Demie. Like a modern goddess. She is the embodiment of style and sophistication, captivating audiences of all ages with her commanding presence and piercing gaze. From her iconic role in the series “Euphoria” to her appearances on the most prestigious red carpets in the world. Alexa has proven to be much more than an actress; she is a muse for an entire generation.

Alexa Demie. By Getty Imges

The Star that Illuminates the Fashion Firmament

The impact of Alexa Demie on fashion is undeniable. Her ability to combine classic elements with avant-garde touches has inspired designers and fashion lovers alike. From her elegant and sophisticated looks to her most daring and provocative outfits. Alexa demonstrates over and over again her absolute mastery of the art of dressing.

Alexa Demie arrives at Balenciaga. By Marc Piasecki/GC Images
Alexa Demie attends HBO’s “Euphoria” . By Jeff Kravitz

An Icon for Future Generations

In a world where image is everything, Alexa Demie stands out as a beacon of authenticity and originality. Her influence extends beyond fashion; she embodies the idea of being true to oneself and embracing individuality in a world that often rewards conformity. As such, she is a role model for future generations, who seek to find their own path in an increasingly complex and changing world.


The Legacy of Alexa Demie: A Future of Elegance and Style

As we contemplate the horizon of the future, there is no doubt that Alexa Demie will continue to shine as a rising star in the fashion and pop culture firmament. Although her presence in the media may be discreet and mysterious, her impact is undeniable and her influence will endure far beyond the lights of fame.

In conclusion, my dear followers of fashion and luxury, always remember that Alexa Demie’s style is an inspiration for all those seeking to find beauty and meaning in a world filled with chaos and confusion.

With all my appreciation, R.G


Ah, beauties, today we’re diving into the secrets of the casual-chic style of the current it-girl, Emma Chamberlain. If you’ve ever dreamed of combining comfort with a touch of carefree elegance, pay attention, because I’m going to reveal how to achieve that effortless sophistication she carries with such grace. And yes, of course, I’ll do it with the boldness and sophistication that only R.G can provide.

The Art of Elegant Simplicity

Emma Chamberlain, that fascinating creature, has perfected the art of looking as if she’s just stepped out of a stylized dream, without a hair out of place. The key, my darlings, lies in simplicity combined with bold pieces that add character. Let’s dissect her style and discover how you can do the same.


Key Pieces for a Casual-Chic Look:

Vintage Jeans

Nothing screams “casual-chic” like perfectly fitted vintage jeans. The influencer opts for high-waisted, straight, or slightly flared cuts. Look for ones with a classic wash, not too distressed, to maintain that air of effortless elegance. Remember, beauties, the key is in the perfect fit.

Basic T-Shirts

Emma knows that a basic white t-shirt can be your best ally. Make sure it’s of good quality, with a cut that flatters your figure. You can go for a cropped style or tuck it slightly into your jeans for a more polished look.

Structured Blazers

Here’s where we add a touch of sophistication. A well-tailored blazer can transform any simple outfit into a look worthy of high society. Opt for neutral colors like black, gray, or beige for maximum versatility.

Elegant Sneakers or Chunky Platforms

Sneakers are an essential component of Emma’s style. Look for ones with a clean, modern design. White is a timeless classic, but don’t be afraid to experiment with a chunky platform  that add a touch of luxury.

Accessories That Elevate the Look:

Stylish Sunglasses

A pair of bold sunglasses can be the focal point of your outfit. Emma prefers retro shapes and oversized frames. Find sunglasses that complement your face shape and add that air of mystery and glamour.

Designer Bags

Don’t skimp on a good bag. Emma often opts for vintage designs or mini designer bags that add a touch of luxury to her casual look. Think of it as an investment in your style.

Minimalist Jewelry

Keep your jewelry simple yet meaningful. A pair of gold hoops, delicate layered necklaces, or an elegant watch can do wonders to complete your look without overwhelming it.

The Final Touch: Attitude

Of course, no amount of luxury clothing can replace the final touch of any outfit: attitude. Emma carries her style with a confidence and nonchalance that are absolutely irresistible. So, when you recreate her style, do it with your head held high and a smile that suggests you know exactly how fabulous you are.

Remember, my beauties, style isn’t just about what you wear, but how you wear it. Now, go and conquer the world with your new casual-chic look, worthy of a true fashion queen.

Until next time, with love and a touch of mischief, R.G