Darlings, are you ready to immerse yourselves in the captivating realm of style with me? Allow me to guide you through the fearless universe of “The Art of Extravagance,” where bold fashion choices not only draw attention but also shake the foundations of monotony.

In my relentless pursuit of originality, there are no limits I won’t cross. So, dear one, brace yourself for a journey that will challenge established norms and set new trends in the world of fashion.

Color everywhere: unleashing the bold drama of elegance and extravagance

The color palette is my canvas, and black and white are my protagonists. Simplicity can be as striking as complexity, and I, well, I know it quite well. Don’t hesitate to experiment with bold tones or stick to monochromatic elegance; the key is to stand out with style.

Dolce & Gabbana – By Catwalking
 Emporio Armani – By Catwalking
Roland Mouret – By Catwalking

Texture and form

This is where true magic happens. Embrace lush fabrics and cuts that defy expectations, creating silhouettes that make the fashion world tremble in your presence. Extravagance is not for the faint of heart, dear, it’s for those who wish to be remembered.

Dolce & Gabbana – By Catwalking
Balmain Men’s Fall 2024 – By Francisco Gomez de Villaboa
Haider Ackermann – By Catwalking

And let’s not forget accessories. From hats that steal glances to gloves with details that elicit sighs, each accessory is an opportunity to elevate drama and ostentation. The key is to exaggerate and let the world marvel at your audacity.

 Emporio Armani – By Catwalking
Schiaparelli Haute Couture – By Arnold Jerocki
Jared Leto red carpet
Jared Leto –  By Sebastian Reuter

Elevate Drama and Ostentation

The fusion of styles and eras is my signature. Mixing elements from various periods is not just acceptable; it’s essential. Who said we should settle for the conventional? Extravagance is a bridge between the classic and the contemporary, and you are free to build it with elegance and rebellion.

Ronald van der Kemp Haute Couture – By Thierry Chesnot
Iris Apfel – By Joe Kohen
Paris Men’s Fashion Week on January 21, 2024 – By WWD

The art of extravagance is a commitment to authenticity and innovation. I invite you to join in breaking the rules, challenging expectations, and leaving an indelible mark on the world of fashion. After all, who can resist the call of true extravagance? Go ahead, bold fashion enthusiast, the stage is yours.


My dear gentlemen, allow me to guide you through the dazzling labyrinth of fashion, where rebellion and elegance converge in a whirlwind of bold style.

Rebel Elegance: Unveiling Vivienne Westwood’s Vision in the Cropped Bellboy Jacket Ensemble

In the first ensemble, envision the provocative statement of rebellion with the Cropped Bellboy jacket. Adorned with engraved buttons and a gunmetal-tone chain, this piece draws inspiration from the traditional uniforms of hotel staff, an ode to tradition redefined for the future as per Vivienne Westwood’s visionary approach. The 2-button Krall shirt, crafted from regenerative organic cotton poplin, proudly showcases the multicolored embroidered orb on the chest. Complementing this outfit, the Humphrey trousers, inspired by the earliest ‘tuxedo’ suits, offer a mid-rise waist and straight legs, enhanced by a central crease at the front.

Immerse yourself in the extravagant style of the Romper Horse shoe, featuring a high-shine leather upper and a contrasting rubber outsole, a homage to Vivienne Westwood’s archives with an orb patch at the back. Add the finishing touch with the Camberwell watch, a stainless steel masterpiece with a red-branded dial and a chain-link strap fastening with a butterfly buckle.

Vivienne Westwood, Cropped bellboy jacket
Cropped bellboy jacket
Vivienne Westwood, 2 button krall
2 button krall
Vivienne Westwood, Humphrey trousers.
Humphrey trousers

Vivienne Westwood, Camberwell
Romper horse shoe

Meshed Rebellion: Andreas Vest and Picasso-Inspired Stripes in the M Cruise Ensemble

In the second ensemble, the rebellion continues with the Andreas vest, updated with semi-sheer mesh fabric and a metal-effect orb at the front. The M Cruise trousers, with pastel stripes reminiscent of a Pablo Picasso sketch for the ballet ‘Le Tricorne,’ offer a slim fit and fasten at the front with an amber button. The Animal Gym Low Top trainers, designed with this season’s ‘Combat’ tartan, feature a subtle animal toe-shaped rubber outsole, paying tribute to the 2000 ‘Summertime’ collection.

Andreas Vest
M cruise trousers

Man. imogene necklace
Animal gym low top

Sophisticated Rebellion: The Distinctive Elegance of Sang Jacket and Classic Tailoring

The third ensemble, led by the Sang jacket in organic cotton, presents a robust silhouette adorned with Vivienne Westwood’s signature amber-tone buttons. The long-sleeve Ghost shirt, with an embroidered orb on the chest, dazzles with a graphic print inspired by Picasso’s ballet designs. The Sang trousers, certified as organic cotton, incorporate a straight-leg silhouette and a central crease, reminiscent of classic English tailoring.

Stride with confidence in the Saturday boots, crafted in hand-finished calf leather, and add a touch of distinction with the limited-edition Man. Roy bracelet, featuring a silver-toned dragon at the center of the design. Complete this impeccable ensemble with The Blackwall watch, a stainless steel marvel with a silver-tone dial.

Sang jacket
Ghost shirt
Sang trousers

Man. roy bracelet
The blackwall
Saturday boot

In these ensembles, my esteemed gentlemen, fashion transforms into an act of rebellion. A canvas where elegance and audacity intertwine to create an unparalleled style. Embrace the revolution of dressing, for in each garment, accessory, and detail. You proclaim your devotion to the splendid tumult of style that characterizes the legacy of Vivienne Westwood. Let the metamorphosis begin; fashion will never be the same again!


Welcome, darlings, to the extravagant realm of iconic Vivienne Westwood’s rebellion, where fashion becomes a proclamation of bold individuality. These two outfit options are a canvas of rebellion and elegance, where Westwood’s designs embody unrestricted style. Dare to wear it, dear, and let your attire be the manifesto of your rebellious soul.

Captivating challenge: Vivienne Westwood’s rebel charm

Starting with the exquisite Sunday Corset top, an Italian masterpiece that embraces the figure with a sweetheart neckline and defies conventions with a mischievous charm at the back. The drapes tell tales of elegance, and the laced closure adds the perfect touch of daring.

The Panther skirt, an ode to tuxedo tailoring with the ‘Panther’ system, unfolds elegance that challenges expectations with grace. Continuing with the Midas boots, crafted in Italian leather and carrying the ‘Meaningless’ artwork from our archives. This fashion stroll, with its vintage touch and unrestricted art, is a declaration of individuality.

To crown this festivity of rebellion, the Candy earrings, three interlinked orbits in playful sizes, add a distinctive touch that doesn’t go unnoticed. These ensembles are more than fashion; they are a visual symphony, an ode to extravagance and elegance that carries the unmistakable signature of Vivienne Westwood.

Sunday corset top
Panther skirt Vivienne Westwood
Panther skirt

Candy earrings Vivienne Westwood
Candy earrings
Iconic Vivienne Westwood's Bold Outfits
Midas boot

Rebellion and elegance

Dear ones, gaze with admiration upon this masterful ensemble, where rebellion and elegance dance in perfect harmony. The Cobrax corset, inspired by the 18th century, is pure structural drama, an ode to Vivienne Westwood’s vision and her fascination with history, while the wide-leg trousers from the Andreas Kronthaler collection exude elegance with topstitched creases. We raise the stakes with the 150mm crocodile platform sandals, made in Italy, literally elevating you to new heights.

The silver Natalina jewelry, with elements inspired by the sea, brings this ensemble to life. A Saturn ring, enriched with crystals, captures the essence of carrying tradition into the future, a concept beloved by the master Westwood. The Belle Heart Frame purse, with its heart-shaped form and orbit logo, culminates this symphony of audacity and distinction.

Bang Vivienne Westwood
Heart frame purse

Iconic Vivienne Westwood's Bold Outfits
Platform sandals
Iconic Vivienne Westwood's Bold Outfits
Cobrax corset

Iconic Vivienne Westwood's Bold Outfits
Wide leg trousers
Iconic Vivienne Westwood's Bold Outfits
Raimunda choker

Natalia earrings Vivienne Westwood
Natalina earrings

A masterpiece from iconic Vivienne Westwood that defies conventions with style!


Vivienne Westwood, born on April 8, 1941, is a rebellious gem in the fashion firmament. Her bold approach has redefined elegance by merging punk with haute couture, leaving an indomitable legacy in her wake. Her fascination with history and culture manifests in collections that take us on a journey through time, intertwining past eras with a avant-garde touch. But, my dears, her rebellion extends beyond design! Westwood uses fashion as a roar against deforestation and climate change, leading campaigns like “Cool Earth.” In 1992, she was crowned Dame of the British Empire, a title that only emphasizes her eternal reign in the fashion industry. Who said fashion couldn’t be fierce and conscious at the same time?

Vivienne Westwood: Rebellion and Elegance in Fashion
Vivenne Westwood, Photo by Ian Gavan.

Pioneer of Punk

Westwood, the fearless dame of design, stands as one of the creators of the punk movement that shook the foundations of fashion in the 1970s. Her collaboration with Malcolm McLaren at the “SEX” boutique on King’s Road, London, became the epicenter of rebellion, where punk fashion was born with a bold spark.

British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood with her partner, music manager Malcolm McLaren, at her shop on the King’s Road, London, circa 1985. by David Montgomery

The “Sex and the City” Dress

In the glamorous cinematic stage, my dear Vivienne Westwood unleashed her spell on a legendary dress. Known as the “Vivienne Westwood Wedding Gown” or simply the “Vivienne Westwood Dress,” this attire stole the scene and hearts alike in the 2008 “Sex and the City” movie, marking a pinnacle in cinematic fashion.

Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of “Sex and the City: The Movie. by James Devaney.

Corsets and Exaggerated Silhouettes

My dears, in Westwood’s domains, corsets are not just structures; they are works of art sculpting silhouettes dramatically and uniquely. Each design is an ode to extravagance, enhancing the female figure with a theatrical touch.

 Model Carla Bruni walks the runway during the Vivienne Westwood Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 1997.

Design for Sex Pistols

Under Westwood’s rebellious gaze, the punk aesthetic of the Sex Pistols came to life. As the designer of the musical revolution, she set a milestone by merging music with the most provocative fashion. A symphony of rebellion that resonated in every stitch.

Sex Pistols” manager Malcolm McLaren and friend designer Viviane Westwood. by Daily Mirror / Bill Kennedy/Mirrorpix/Mirrorpix

The Harris Tweed Collection

In 1987, Westwood challenged expectations and elevated the modest Harris Tweed fabric to the heights of haute couture. She transformed Scottish tradition into luxury pieces, leaving her distinctive mark on the history of fashion.

Vivienne Westwood: Rebellion and Elegance in Fashion
G0CX25 Vivienne Westwood fashion show at SECC Glasgow in 1999. Image shot 1999.

Breaking Gender Barriers

Her designs challenge established norms, blurring the lines between masculine and feminine. Westwood, a pioneer in abolishing gender restrictions, has created pieces that transcend boundaries, equally adored by men and women alike. A bold celebration of fashion without constraints!

Vivienne Westwood: Rebellion and Elegance in Fashion
Andreas Kronthaler, Dame Vivienne Westwood and Naomi Campbell for Relief charity fashion show to kick off London, Fall/Winter 2015/16 . By Samir Hussein

Throughout her career, Vivienne Westwood has maintained her position as one of the most innovative and provocative designers. Her legacy goes beyond her creations; it is a provocative force that has left an indelible mark on the history of dressing. Westwood’s influence persists, like a touch of my exclusive perfume, inspiring contemporary designers and weaving its charm into the global fashion scene. A testimony that, in fashion, only the bold thrive.


Delving into the realm of men’s style and distinction, the creation of wardrobe capsules emerges as an essential strategy for men seeking to blend luxury and versatility. In this stylistic journey, we will explore how to build masculine wardrobe capsules, highlighting key pieces that not only embody refinement but also offer endless possibilities for combinations. Join us as we unravel tips to maximize the versatility of luxury garments for men.

Identify Key Pieces and Neutrals Palette

The cornerstone of any luxurious men’s wardrobe capsule lies in the selection of key pieces. Envision timeless elements, such as the impeccable Giorgio Armani two-piece formal suit, a superior-quality black leather jacket from Dsquared2, and versatile shirts in shades of white from Canali, grey, and blue from ETRO, designed to adapt to various occasions. Conclude with a pair of Nudie Jeans for a touch of modern and casual flair. Embrace a neutral color palette that opens the door to effortless combinations, allowing for infinite versatility in your style.

Giorgio Armani suit
Giorgio Armani
Wardrobe Capsules for Men

Canali shirts
Wardrobe Capsules for Men
Nudie Jeans
Nudie Jeans

Elegant Accessories

Accessories play a pivotal role in maximizing versatility. Invest in ties, such as the Ferragamo Singapore jacquard silk tie, which stands out with a pattern of horizontal stripes in shades of blue. Additionally, opt for quality pocket squares, a timeless Rolex 2023 unworn Sea-Dweller Deepsea 44mm watch, Gentle Monster Lang 01 round-frame sunglasses for a touch of style, and a pair of versatile Giuseppe Zanotti GZ Flash slip-on loafers that seamlessly complement both formal and casual ensembles.

Wardrobe Capsules for Men
Rolex watch

Gentle Monster sunglasses
Gentle Monster
Giuseppe Zanotti shoes
Giuseppe Zanotti

Versatile Outerwear

Incorporate versatile outerwear pieces for different seasons, such as the single-breasted camel hair coat from Gucci. A Namacheko panelled leather jacket, TOM FORD tapered cotton trousers, and a Brunello Cucinelli mélange-effect fine-knit shirt provide options for diverse climates.

Wardrobe Capsules for Men

Tom Ford pant
Tom Ford
Brunello Cucinelli shirt
Brunello Cucinelli

Creating luxury wardrobe capsules for men goes beyond selecting garments; it is an expression of style and sophistication. By building a versatile and elegant collection, you will be ready to face any occasion with confidence and flair. The key lies in the careful selection of key pieces and the ability to combine them in various ways, thus maximizing the versatility of your wardrobe. Discover the joy of dressing with elegance and functionality!